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About Northwood Occupational Medicine

At Northwood Occupational Medicine our mission is to create value for our corporate clients, in Northeastern Ontario, by providing progressive and functional occupational medicine solutions aimed at keeping employees healthy and productive.

Northwood Occupational Medicine aims to build on the traditions of Northwood Medical Group, which operates four busy walk-in clinics and multiple recovery clinic access points, in providing excellence in patient care and medical services. Through our team of healthcare professionals and corporate partnerships, Northwood can provide seamless occupational medicine solutions from acute care management to functional abilities assessments and disability case management. In the event of a workplace injury, our team offers 24/7 in-person or telemedicine access to physicians for non-critical occupational injury consultation.

We believe accessibility and communication play an important role in any successful occupational medicine program. In addition to injury treatment and follow-up, Northwood can provide several preventative services including pre-employment testing and health surveillance services

Our Services

Northwood Occupational Medicine can offer an entire spectrum of occupational health services needed for the industrial/working community.

Our organization includes medical doctors, certified physical therapists, registered nurses, medical assistants, physician assistants, and other clinical experts.

24/7 Physician Access Program

Timely access to practitioners skilled in occupational medicine is one of the cornerstones of any occupational health program and it ensures that injuries are assessed and treated quickly and appropriately.


Our program includes access to a physician 24/7 in order to promptly assess, triage, and treat non-critical injuries or disease and ensure return to work plans are initiated as appropriate (9-1-1 should be called for all critical and/or life/limbthreatening injuries). The program covers both occupational and fitness for duty assessment.

The benefits of this program are numerous…


Telemedicine is the use of two-way videoconference. This allows our Health Care Professionals to be able to consult,
evaluate and diagnose from a remote location using a new approved, secured and recognized technology. Telemedicine is an efficient, effective, and convenient way to better service and access all of our clients in a timely manner.

Medical Exams & Physicals


Custom Medicals are available upon request.

Pre-Employment Medicals

Pre-employment testing ensures that a baseline functional/health status is established for future reference and improves the safety of employees by ensuring that they can safely perform duties of the job.

Many studies have demonstrated the cost-effectiveness of pre-employment testing in reducing costs associated with WSIB premiums and lost-productivity costs. Highlights from various studies include a reported $18 cost saving per dollar spent on screening; a documented 47% decrease in reportable workplace injuries; and highly significant and positive reported ROI in preemployment screening (Littleton et al, 2003; Anderson and Briggs, 2008; Faris, J, 2008)We provide customized pre-employment testing based on the demands of the job and anticipated exposure to workplace hazards or designated substances.

NOM staff can work with employers to recommend a pre-employment testing package that suits the needs of the job while respecting the budget of the employer.

Periodic Medical Evaluations

Periodic medical exams are a great way to help ensure that employees can safely perform their duties as well as to help identify areas of the job posing a risk in terms of potential injuries. NOM can perform a periodic medical examinations on an ad hoc or routine basis. As with our preemployment testing, screening/examinations can be customized to fit the requirements of the job and employee so as to ensure fitness for work. NOM can provide feedback as to the appropriate/suggested tests. These can also include comprehensive executive medicals aimed at keeping key personnel healthy and performing at a high level.Of note, Northwood Medical Group is highly experienced in managing mental health conditions which are becoming the most common cause of medical leave. Employees can privately reach out and receive timely and confidential care

Mining is a massive industry here in Canada. This test is designed for mine workers. They must undergo a hearing and lung function test.

What to expect is listed below:

1st – Written Questionnaire

This questionnaire will include broad questions such as:

  • Are you taking any regular prescription medication?
  • Do you smoke?
  • Have you ever had a drug or alcohol addiction?
  • Does your family have a history of Diabetes or Asthma?
  • A consent to share or retrieve medical information from the Employee’s Family Physician to ensure all medical information provided is accurate and true.

2nd – Physical Exam

The physical exam is designed to assess the potential hires abilities to perform the daily duties of the role one is being hired for. The exam can vary or be tailored to the specific needs of the job.

Standard Physical Assessments

  • MWHS test
  • Hearing test
  • Lung function test
  • Blood Pressure
  • Body Mass Index
  • Urine Analysis
  • Physical Fitness Test
  • Eye Vision Test
  • Joint Range of Motion
  • Musculoskeletal Assessment (Strength test)
  • Spinal Assessment

Optional Physical Assessments

  • Drug Screening (urine test)
  • X-ray of the spine
  • X-ray of the chest
  • MRI – MRI”s are often used to assess old injuries or to establish your pre-employment health status.
  • ECG
  • Psychological screening (Screening tools such as; GAD-7, ADHD, PHQ-9, Mood Disorder)

Northwood offers Pre-employment Physicals to determine whether an applicant is suitable or has the physical strength and ability to perform a certain task and the stamina that is required to do the job that may be physically demanding or even potentially dangerous.

It will include the following:

  • Vision screening
  • Spirometry
  • Blood pressure and vital signs
  • Urinalysis screening including drug and alcohol screening, if requested
  • Pre-existing orthopedic and medical condition screening
  • Mask Fitting

Post-offer testing is much more in-depth than the traditional pre-employment testing. The results of the post-offer examination and urine drug-screen, will provide our health-care team with the confidence to provide a medical opinion of whom is qualified or not qualified for each prospective employee. POET decreases turnover, increases safety within the workplace, decreases accidents/incidents. POET can be used instead FCE (functional capacity evaluation) to see if one is ready and able to return-to-work.

The same tests will be performed as the Pre-employment Physical along with these additional tests:

  • PMHx (Past medical history)
  • PCP (Physical Capacity Profile) – this test measures body fat and weight, ROM (range of motion), limb strength, lift strength and more. PCP test determines individuals’ quantitative physical limits.

We would only perform this type of drug testing if or when an incident cannot be explained any other way or suspicion. In order for the results to be related to the unexplained incident, we would need to perform the drug and alcohol testing as promptly as possible to ensure accuracy. These results can play a very important and valuable role when investigating the cause of an incident in the workplace.

Post-accident testing should only be performed when a Supervisor or Manager suspect the Employee may have been under the influence at the time of the incident and feel that it is necessary to have the Employee perform a urine drug and alcohol screening immediately. If this is the case, the Employee must be escorted to the collection facility. Upon arrival, a Northwood Staff (Nurse &/Urine Drug Screener), will arrange for the urine deposit to be supervised to ensure that the urine sample is not tampered with. We will then collect the sample and perform testing. If the test results read as positive results, we will then proceed to send the urine sample and results to the laboratory for additional, more effective testing to ensure accuracy.

All employees must understand the importance of what it means to work in a safe and drug-free work environment along with the possible consequences related to substance abuse. Having a Drug & Alcohol Policy in place sets the tone for your company’s standards, requirements and employee expectations. Be sure to have all employees sign an acknowledgment agreement stating they have read and comprehend these policies.

Pulmonary Function testing assesses the Employee’s entire respiratory system. The tests will include:

  • Spirometry
  • Blood pressure reading
  • Respirator fit testing, qualitative and quantitative

A spirometry test is a simple, fast and common lung function test. This test measures how much air one can inhale and exhale as well as, how fast one can empty their lungs. The test will read whether or not one is capable of breathing normally. This test will be conducted 3 times to be confident that the results are most accurate.

Spirometry tests are also used to diagnose breathing problems i.e.; COPD and asthma.

Our team at Northwood Medical will customize our Return to Duty physical exams to meet the requirements of your organization/company. These tests help to ensure that it’s safe for the employee to return to work after an injury a urine drug and alcohol screening test can also be done if requested by the employer.

Testing will include the following:

  • PMHx (Past Medical History)
  • PCP (Physical Capacity Profile) – this test measures body fat and weight, ROM (range of motion), limb strength, lift strength and more. PCP test determines individuals’ quantitative physical limits.
  • Pulmonary Function Testing
  • Audiometric Evaluation to ensure that the Employee is capable of hearing well enough to work safely
  • Fit for Duty Report

Periodic Medical Health Evaluations are a great way to help keep a medical record of the employee’s personal health history. Northwood would perform a health screening examination on a scheduled or routine basis.

Our Periodical Medical will include:

  • Physical Examination
  • Audiometric Test (NIHL – Noise Induced Hearing Loss) and prevention
  • Spirometry (lung function test)
  • Vision Test
  • Chest x-ray (PA & Lateral)
  • ECG
  • Lab tests: CBC & Urinalysis
  • Liver & kidney function tests
  • Fasting lipids and glucose
  • Testing for drug and /or alcohol for safety-sensitive positions

We customize a program that is made for you and your goals through a series of tests that will assess your current health risks. Your health and goals are ours.

  • Increase productivity
  • Increase morale
  • Improve efficiency
  • Improve decision-making time
  • Reduce health care costs
  • Reduce Employee turnover
  • Nutritional screen
  • Cancer screen
  • Audio & Vision testing
  • Cardiovascular screen
  • Bone & Body Composition health (DEXA Scan)
  • Metabolic screen
  • Chest X-ray (if indicated)
  • Electrocardiogram (ECG)
  • Laboratory results
  • Follow ups & reports

Like in mining, new employees will undergo all of the following standard physical assessments along with possibly some optional assessments specific to the job.

All CMV’s (commercial motor vehicles) must receive regular physical examinations under the Department of Transportation the federal law requires these drivers to have DOT physicals completed. These physicals are highly regulated and designed to detect physical, mental, and emotional issues that can affect a driver’s ability to safely drive a commercial vehicle. Northwood’s DOT medical examiners are specially trained to understand the regulations and prevent drivers from being inappropriately disqualified.

DOT physicals are a necessity. Employers cannot have drivers out on the road without a valid DOT card. It’s illegal to conduct business unless your CMV driver is cleared for the road. DOT physicals are a must-have if you’re a commercial driver or employ commercial drivers. These physicals ensure that your drivers are safe on the road, and compliant with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)

Our Addiction practice focused licensed Physicians from Northwood Recovery and in some cases, Occupational Therapists will work carefully with clients struggling with substance abuse issues to carefully identify the negative effects of the client’s substance abuse patterns in their daily lives i.e. occupational performance, dependability. Our team will help the client establish more satisfying and meaningful patterns of time use and create opportunities for self-discovery by taking part in hobby development, replace unhealthy activities with healthy and meaningful activities, and carefully help the client to plan and initiate short and long term goals for themselves.

Northwood Recovery also offers the following: (But not limited to.)

  • Medication Assisted Treatment Programs
  • Urine drug screening (Drug & Alcohol Testing)
  • Toxicology Reports
  • Counseling
  • Withdrawal management
  • Detox options
  • Treatment center preparation and referrals
  • Harm reduction supplies
  • Naloxone kits and training

Our team of professionals will emphasize on return to modified duty if necessary and provide. Physician may feel the need to provide aggressive treatment of serious conditions and if needed refer to a specialist. Our Professionals may also be able to identify and manage any malingering.

JDA (Job Demand Analysis) also known as PDA (Physical Demand Analysis)

Every occupation faces physical and ergonomic challenges including; repetitive movement, uncomfortable postures, forceful exertions and much more. Our experts will analyze your work place and workstations, equipment, environmental factors and more. We will then provide your company/organization with a full assessment report with specifics of what should be changed or fixed and our suggestions of how we can make changes to prevent any further injuries.

Our team of professionals can provide your staff with Ergonomic training and education seminars. Your staff will learn how to properly set-up their workstation and how to properly conduct an ergonomic assessment.

Examples of Risk Factors:

  • Performing repetitive and or same tasks frequently or for a long period of time
  • Exerting excessive force
  • Working in awkward postures or being in the same position for long periods of time
  • Constant vibration from machinery

The results will include: Saving your company money, less injuries onsite, lower insurance premiums, increased productivity, and more.

If the company’s employees are having to travel abroad for work purposes, Northwood recommends that each employee has a pre-travel consultation with one of our Physicians’ specializing in travel health to discuss vaccines, preventative medications (anti-malarial), educate, council and more.

We will send the injured employee to our Physiotherapist for an assessment to ensure rehab is performed and in the most cost-efficient manner.

Our Service Rates

General Services

Service Fee
Program Implementation Fee $450
Standard Reports (Monthly, Quarterly, Annually) Included
Forms/Template Letters Included
Physician 24/7 Availability $4500
Meeting with Employer/Union/Employees $150/hr
Medical Directives Review and Update $300/hr
8-Panel Drug Urine Testing $90
Add Fentanyl $50
Urine Alcohol Test $40
Nurse Case Manager Review $175/hr
Medical Review Officer Review $325/hr
Medical Documentation Storage $150/month
Cancellation Fee/No-show Fee Direct Expense + Administration Time at $70/hr

Ancillary Services (requires pre-authorization by client)

Service Fee
Policy – Consultation $300 /hr
Ergonomic Assessments $150 /hr
Ergonomic Training/Workshops Inquire for quote, based on needs and size of workshop
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) $700 – $1500
Medical Surveillance nquire for quote (+regulated substance testing, lab & x-ray fees)
Physical Demands Testing (PDA) $150 /hr
Physical Examinations $165 & up
Post Offer Employment Testing (POET) $250 includes: Health History Review, Health Screen (with physician). Musculoskeletal/Functional Assessment. Vision Test. – Optional: Functional Testing $80. Audiometry $60, Spirometry $50, Colour Vision $30
Post-accident/Post-incident Drug & Alcohol Starts at $105
Pulmonary Function Test Starts at $50 (Spirometry) Please note additional testing may be ordered by the health care professional.
Spirometry Test $50
Audiometry/Audiogram $60

Disability Case Management Services

Service Fee
Short Term Disability Case Management $400 per case
Accommodation Case Management $150 /hr
Casual Absence Case Management $150 /hr
Disability/Complex Case Management $150 /hr
Medical Consultation by Physician $400 /hr
Non-Standard Statistical Reports $150 /hr

WCB/Paralegal Services

Service Fee
Preparation, Representation for Appeals/Hearings $200 – $450 /hr
Occupational Injury Claims Consulting $200 /hr
Reconsideration $200 /hr
Revenue Audits/Advisory $350 – $525 /hr
WCB Classification Audits $200 – $425/hr
WCB Training/Workshops Inquire for a quote, based on needs and size of workshop.
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